MEDICA 2016: International world of Medical Device innovation and market access

The MEDICA, the largest European trade show for medical device manufacturers, is an international meeting point for the professionals in the medical Device industry. It was again a great success for Qserve. Many attendees inquired implementing our newly designed and innovative "Training program" within their organization, in order to be compliant with the new EU-MDR regulations.

The fact that Qserve is a global player with offices in Europe, US and China makes Qserve an interesting partner, not only for the Multi-nationals but also for the startup manufacturers attending the MEDICA. While regulatory may not be foremost on their minds,  we have noticed that manufacturers are aware of the new MDR requirements and how these changes will affact their business. Our sales department was kept very busy handeling all the requests for our EU MDR trainingprogram as well as our regulatory services.

Martin de Bruin, Executive Director and Partner at Qserve Group says: "Since the new Medical Device Regulation will cause challenges for both medical device manufacturers and Notified Bodies, we have designed a step-by-step training program roadmap to EU-MDR implementation. Most of the manufactures I spoke at the MEDICA will join our program. We are very pleased with this positive feedback on our new EU-MDR training program."

As the global economy stabilizes, manufacturers are searching for information to enter new markets. Our Global registration department had a busy day sharing information about medical device registration in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the United States and other countries offering Qserve’s independent license holder service.

Missed Qserve at the MEDICA, here you can find more information about our Training program and our Global registration services.

Post date: November 17, 2016
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