Qserve Spotlight on Loes Pelgrim, Clinical Team Member

Interview with Qserve's consultant Loes Pelgrim

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Currently, I am working as a clinical consultant. My background is in Medical Biology. After graduation, I began working as a CRA, mainly in pharmaceutical trials. After a few years, I decided to switch to Medical Devices, as changes in the clinical area with the new MDR and clinical operations were beginning to increase at a rapid pace. 

2. What does a typical Qserve working week look like?

Each week is exciting because of the variety of my clients and their range of products; from class I through class III, plasters, and vascular stents. Work remains challenging never knowing what kinds of questions will be asked of you. The diverse group of colleagues make it a lot of fun and provides a level of comfort in which we can debate difficult questions and include different perspectives. 

3. How would you describe your work experience as a Clinical consultant with Qserve?

Challenging, exciting and instructive, in a relaxed and flexible atmosphere.

4. What is your specialization?

Clinical operations are my specialty, and also my favorite type of work. With my experience as a CRA with trial management in different projects, I try to work as efficiently as possible. Having all CRA’s, sites, sponsors and vendors on the same page at the end of the day makes me really happy!

5. What do you hope your position contributes to the team?

Operational expertise is important. I want to be aware of the everyday challenges that sponsors and sites are experiencing in their trials. Offering solutions to overcome clinical investigations and clinical operations challenges remains my priority.

“Clinical operations require an eye for detail and flexibility. The variety of clients, devices, and activities keep me flexible and creative which makes it a very fun job!"

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Loes Pelgrim
Post date: October 29, 2018
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