Qserve Spotlight on Aibang Yuan

Interview with Qserve's consultant Aibang Yuan

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I hold a master’s degree in Biological Engineering from Nanjing TECH University and my background is in the area of biology and organic chemistry. Before joining the Qserve China team, I worked for a Chinese IVD company as quality engineer and was responsible for quality management of medical device production and product registrations.

2. What does a typical Qserve work week look like?
My responsibilities include assisting with the daily operations of the Chinese office, working with my colleagues during trainings and visiting client sites.  I also assist with medical device registration and performance testing of medical devices. 
Generally speaking, China’s regulations are always changing and have undergone significant developments in recent years.  It has been a very interesting transition gaining knowledge about the regulations, which are not always presented clearly.  Solving client issues with such obstacles is very rewarding and encouraging.

3. How would you describe your work experience with Qserve?
        I can learn a lot of new knowledge in solving problems for customers. During my work, I need to pay close attention to China’s regulations. However, with the development in recent years, China’s regulations have undergone great changes. There are some parts are not clearly presented in the regulations. This is very challenging, so every time we solve a doubt for the customer, it is very encouraging.

4. What is your specialization?
CFDA Registration & performance testing of medical devices. 

5. What do you hope your position contributes to the team?
In terms of professional skills, I think my background knowledge is very helpful for the understanding of medical devices and related technologies. This will be conducive to the successful registration of medical devices. In terms of personal character, I think I'm a responsible person and I am happy to contribute my skills as a consultant to help our clients. In summary, I have a very positive effect on the team.



Aibang Yuan
Post date: July 10, 2018
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