Qserve Spotlight on Ashwini, Regulatory Team Member

Interview with Qserve's consultant Ashwini Kulkarni

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. 
I am Pharmacist (bachelor’s) with a Master’s in pharmacology. I did my bachelors of pharmaceutical science or pharmacy from the University of Mumbai in India and Master’s in pharmacology from the University of Oxford, UK.

2. How does your workday look like?
I am involved in dossier writing, so I spend my work-time mostly in reading and writing about the products I work on. Researching on applicable guidances, going through the details of how to apply these to our products. 

3. What is your specialization and area of interest? 
My specialization is combination products (Subject Matter Expert). And my area of interest is Regulatory Affairs.

4. How do you experience your work (as RA Consultant) at Qserve so far?
It’s a very pleasant experience. I have been working with different organizations in the past, but the exposure and knowledge here is simply incredible. It’s exciting to be part of this team.

5. What do you hope to bring to your position on the team?
I hope to bring diversity of knowledge to my team with my position and experience.

6. What is your ambition in your field or in your career?

My ambition is to work on diverse products across pharmaceutical and medical devices and keep on learning new things! 



Ashwini Kulkarni
Post date: April 25, 2018
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