Paul van Geffen

QA/RA Expert

Paul van Geffen, PhD
Senior Consultant 

Paul is consultant Medical Device Regulatory Compliance for Qserve Group since 2010. He provides QA/RA support for the medical device industry coverĀ­ing a wide range of medical devices. Paul has a broad knowledge of the Medical Device Regulations and related quality system requirements, and he has strong experience with QMS development, TF setup/ review, the application of design controls, risk management, biological evaluations and clinical evaluations. As a qualified trainer, Paul provides and facilitates training courses, workshops, and webinars on various regulatory compliance topics.

Paul has degrees in Human Technology (BSc, 2001), Human Movement Science (MSc, 2004) and Biomedical Engineering (PhD, 2009). His dissertation was about the design, development and clinical investigation of a novel seating system enhancing functional movement and preventing physical discomfort in impaired static wheelchair sitting.

Paul about working at Qserve: 
“It’s great to work in a team with so much QA/RA knowledge and expertise and with such a dedicated focus on patient safety. Together we can really make a difference for our customers by reducing their regulatory burden and by translating the regulations into something positive and understandable. After all, the regulations should benefit both worlds: that of our patients and that of your business”.

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