Meet and Greet with Sonja van der Meer at Biocompatibility Testing of Medical Devices Conference 2020

Mai 28, 2020 - Mai 29, 2020 / Global - Prague, Czech Republic

Event: Biocompatibility Testing of Medical Devices Conference 2020

Date: 28th and 29th of May 2020

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Language: English

Qserve's attendee: Sonja van der Meer

Biocompatibility testing in Medical Devices Conference 2020 will give you the unique opportunity to discuss the most pressing issues and meet the representatives of the biggest companies and leaders from Biocompatibility and Medical Device Industries

Biocompatibility testing in Medical Devices Conference 2020 is a great platform for learning, exchanging opinions, and expanding one’s network-enabled by live presentations followed by dynamic questions & answers sessions as well as panel discussions and workshops with keynote speakers.

It is not a secret that all Medical Devices must comply with requirements. Manufacturers are required to check each product type or model against each requirement, determine whether the requirement is applicable, acquire documented evidence of compliance and keep this evidence available in the technical file of the product. Keynote speaker Sonja van der Meer will tell how to set up an appropriate test program for the designated use.

For more information about the Conference and to buy your ticket, please visit the Business Conference Facilitation website.

Sonja van der Meer
Datum der Veröffentlichung: Februar 13, 2020
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