Interview with Diana Nogueira, Senior Consultant Clinical Affairs

We would like to get you all acquainted with our Clinical Affairs Expert. An interview where we talk about her expertise, how a normal workday in times of corona looks like and which trends she observes in the MedTech-world. Ending the interview with valuable advice for everyone in the MedTech world!

Let's start with a small introduction, could you tell me something about your expertise?

I am someone who is passionate about life sciences and languages to the same extent. Medical writing is my personal expression of this passion, my vocation, and my professional fulfillment. My expertise area is in clinical evaluations: scientific publications on drugs and medical devices in the past.

Could you also tell me something about your experience before you joined Qserve?

I am a microbiologist and medical writer by training. I started my career as a freelancer by focusing on regulatory documents for registration of medicines in the EU. I moved to medical communications on both drugs and medical devices, and then to clinical research at the MedTech industry.

Which part of your job do you like the most?

Definitely the writing.

How does a normal workday look like?

I spend the whole day in front of my computer, reading or writing. Sometimes, I have internal meetings with colleagues or calls. I try to do most of the writing in the morning hours and the routine work in the afternoon or evening.

Do you prefer a specific type of medical device?

Yes, implantable class II and class III devices because they have to meet the highest requirements on safety.

Which trends are topic at the moment?

Covid-19 is all we hear about. I think the postponement of the date of application of MDR has an impact on our business.

How do you stay up to date with everything that is happening in the MedTech-world?

You have to be selective and choose areas of interest you need (or want) to keep an eye on. At Qserve, we have experts in all possible areas (from clinical development to quality assurance). I keep myself up to date by reading posts on our intranet and by attending internal training and expert meetings.

What is your advice/message for our customers?

Qserve supports medical device manufacturers to allow them provide patients with more options or better alternatives to prevent and manage their diseases. Medical devices hold the promise of doing this in an unprecedented way. With the help of innovative technologies, healthcare providers can now treat or even cure diseases that have been a death sentence for many years. Device manufacturers offer non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment options with good outcomes for many conditions. This significantly improves patients’ health and quality of life. It is absolutely exciting to work in a sector that makes things happen in such a fast and successful way. In summary, the advice I can give to our clients is to let yourself be guided by this utmost motivating goal! Besides that, my best advice for in times of Covid-19 is to invest in services that can be done on remote like writing a CEP or CER or remote audits. Make the best out of this Covid-19 situation!

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Diana Nogueira, PhD
Post date: May 21, 2020
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