What to consider when selecting a clinical site?

When deciding which clinical sites to select for your clinical investigation, a number of factors need to be considered. Are there regulatory or reimbursement considerations that weight into the decision? Are there key opinion leaders in the field you want to select as investigator? Which sites can accomplish the required enrollment rates? Cultural or physical differences might influence the countries of interest for your clinical investigation. Selecting a clinical site for specific, well considered, reasons will certainly support the feasibility of the clinical investigation.

Why clinical site training is important

To ensure that the investigation will be completed in compliance with the regulatory requirements and the instructions in the protocol, the selected clinical site needs training. Instructions regarding CIP compliance, clinical data capture and GCP are essential to obtain valuable, high quality data.  


Qserve facilitates tailored clinical site selection and offers clinical site training in compliance with applicable regulations. Qserve's business unit Clinical Evaluation has experienced staff that worked several years at contract research organizations (CRO) with an international scope.   

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After the clinical site is selected, site training has been completed and the ethical and regulatory approvals have been received, your clinical investigation can start. 

To make sure your sites will gather the correct, valuable clinical data:

  • Select high quality , dedicated site(s)
  • Take into account the cultural and physical differences of patients required in your study
  • Make sure instructions regarding data capture are clear, well trained and followed

What can we do for you?

Clinical site selection based on your clinical protocol

Training of the staff at the clinical site based on your protocol

Training about clinical data capture as governed by the rules of GCP and ISO14155

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