Meet & Greet Gert Bos at European Medical Device Regulation Conference

July 13, 2017 / USA

Date:  13-14 July 2017

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Gert Bos, executive Director, and Partner at Qserve is invited as a speaker at European Medical Device Regulation Conference in Alexandria.

He will be giving a workshop on “Impact assessment – Identifying necessary Regulatory Revisions”:

  • Determining EU MDR compliance gaps in corporate regulatory structure
  • Risk-based approach to new rules & the regulatory strategy revision
  • Engaging with other teams to ensure all areas of impact are addressed
  • Implementing a thorough & detailed regulatory revision plan

About Q1

Q1 has over a dozen years of experience in providing high level educational content for the European Medical Device Industry and is consistently ranked by participants as delivering quality program content, speaker selection, and facilitation.

This program is unique in that it is specifically for global companies based in the United States to understand the new regulatory rules in Europe. All content is delivered by medical device industry experts, and notified bodies as keynote panels, case studies, fireside chats, workshops, and master classes so you will return to the office with tangible ideas that may be implemented immediately. 

The agenda of this event can be downloaded here


More information about Gert Bos:

Gert W. Bos
Post date: May 08, 2017

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