Qserve Medical Device Regulatory Forum – Beijing Stop

May 22, 2017 / China

Qserve医疗器械法规论坛  - 北京站

Qserve is organizing a Medical Device Regulatory Forum in Beijing on the 22nd of May 2017.

The following subjects will be discussed:

·         荷兰的医疗保险系统 - Healthcare and medical insurance system in NL;

·         欧盟MDR/IVDR最新进展 - The most updated MDR/IVDR;

·         欧盟MDR转换计划最佳实践 - Best practice for implementing a successful EU-MDR transition plan;

·         在荷投资 Invest in Holland;

·         中国企业进入中荷分销链和签定合资协议的关键问题 - Key issues for Chinese Companies to enter into Sino-Dutch distribution and joint venture agreement.

The following speakers will be giving a presentation:

Ø  博沛先生 Mr. Peter Bootsma, 荷兰王国驻华大使馆卫生、福利和体育事务参赞 Counselor for Health, Welfare and Sports of the Embassy.

Ø  Mr. Roger Chen, Dekra 总监, 医疗保健产品 东亚区Marketing and Sales Director, Healthcare & 总监, 医疗 欧盟公告机构 Service Director, Medical EU Notified Body.

Ø  Mr. Willibrord Driessen, Qserve集团创始人 Founder of Qserve Group.

Ø  Mr. Steven Shen, 荷兰大使馆 外商投资局 资深项目经理 Senior Project manager, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Ø  Mr. Jan Holthuis Buren律师事务所合伙人;仲裁员 Buren Law Firm partner; Arbitrator.

For more details, please contact: 陈明华 女士 Mrs. Minghua Chen

·         联系微信Wechat: cmh502

·         联系手机Mobile: 18061661543

·         邮箱Email: minghua.chen@qservegroup.com

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Willibrord Driessen
Post date: May 02, 2017
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