Jane Liang

CFDA expert

Senior Consultant 

After 8 years as a resident physician and attending physician in Beijing You Dian Hospital, Jane moved the focus in her career into regulatory science, where she has over 2 decades of experience, both in pharmaceutical companies and for the last 14 years in the medical device business. 

During her time in the pharma industry, she was engaged in clinical trials of drugs. In the device world, her primary focus has been on ophthalmic devices and optical products, such as IOLs, ophthalmic OCT, visual field analyzer, laser devices such as femtosecond laser and excimer laser, YAG, 532s, ophthalmic and surgical microscopes, and bio-microscopes.

She combines her medical training and experience with a Master of Management received from the Norwegian School of Management BI. Jane combines an in-depth understanding of CFDA regulatory and clinical requirements with good communication and negotiation skills.


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